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StoneBridge LogoAfter playing around with my daughters little Yahama classical guitar for about a year I decided that I wanted to play a really good guitar. The big decision was which one...there are so many guitar makers and such a range of prices.

I spent a lot of time in the local guitar shops trying out all sorts of guitars. I was lucky I guess in that I knew that I wanted something that would be more suitable for finger style I could ignore all the electric stuff, nothign with an inbuilt pickup or anything that required an amplifier.

At the cheaper end of the market there didn't seem to be much difference in quality, tone or ease of playing. It seemed to me that some of the £50 guitars where as good as the £300 ones. I didn't find anything locally that really appealed to me so I started doing some research on the Internet.

What started to be come clear was that if you really wanted to own a guitar that was going to make a difference to your playing you needed to spend a little more money. As I wasn't going to performing professionally or anywhere outside my own bedroom I didn't need something that was going to be in the £1000 plus price range. So I reckoned that I would spend up to £600 or so.

So I started researching some of the specialist guitar makers and found there were many luthiers out there making a vast array of instruments. After a couple of weeks research I came across Frantisek Furch and StoneBridge guitars.

I was put on to StoneBridge guitars by a guy called Richard at I was browsing his site when he popped on a chat window and asked me what I was looking for. We chatted for a while and as it was coming up to Christmas I had decded that I was going to treat myself and after talking to Richard I was happy that my price limit of £600 would get me what I wanted.

When I described to Richard what I wanted to play and we both knew my price bracket he immediately suggested a StoneBridge guitar. Richard showed me a couple of models that he had in stock and I went off to do some more research.

After a week watching loads of YouTube videos I decided to go for a Stonebridge GS40CM. I liked the cutaway version which was a little more expensive at £620.

Everyone who has either heard me playing it or has played it themselves has immediately fallen in love with it. It has a wonderful easy action and a rich tone. I don't think there has been a day since I got my hands on this that I haven't played it.

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